10 Home Improvement Projects for Spring 2013


You’ve survived months of snow storms and freezing cold, but has your home? Now is the time for storm damage repairs and spring home improvement projects. Simple Solutions Grading and Snowplowing, LLC. is your general contractor for exterior work and Custom Creations is the interior residential contractor experts for all your spring project.

1.)    Milwaukee Lawn Care

April showers bring May flowers and green grass. Spring is the ideal time to seed dead and bare spots in your lawn. Take advantage of April rains and avoid watering grass seeds with a hose every day in June. It’s also time to plant your vegetable and fruit garden. There are many plants which thrive after the last frost such as tomatoes and strawberries. Simple Solutions Grading and Snowplowing, LLC. is your lawn care and landscaping experts. Let us plant and seed your yard and veggies.

2.)    Brookfield Drainage System Repairs and Installs

Water does one of two things; moves or stands. Both can lead to home damage and home owner irritation. Water draining toward your home will cause foundation damage. Standing water will cause moss, algae and insect breeding in your yard. Drainage systems will help water properly flow away from your house, creating a healthy environment for grass and gardens to grow and prosper. Simple Solutions Grading and Snowplowing, LLC. is the best Milwaukee landscape drainage contractor, we can install a drain system in your lawn or make repairs to damaged drains.

3.)    New Berlin Gutters Cleaning Services

Prepare for heavy spring rains by removing debris and leaves from gutters. Clean gutters will allow water to flow unobstructed from your roof to the ground, away from you home’s foundation. Clean gutters will save foundation walls from moving and basements and crawl spaces from flooding. Contact the Muskego gutter cleaners at Custom Creations for spring cleaning of your gutters from the fully licensed and insured general contractor.

4.)    Muskego Deck Repairs and Builds

Spring is the time to remodel your deck or build the patio you’ve been dreaming of all winter. Prepare for summer barbeques and outdoor parties with friends and family. Contact the Milwaukee home addition general contractors at Custom Creations for the patio or deck of your dreams.

5.)    Wisconsin Siding Installation Services

If winter winds and strong snow storms caused havoc on your siding, Custom Creations is your simple solution. Damaged siding can lead to insulation problems and an unsightly home exterior. The Brookfield storm damage repair experts at Custom Creations will fix small siding issues or reside your entire home.

6.)    Waukesha Roofing Contractors

Storm damage wrecks roofs just as much as it does siding. Heavy snow sitting on roofs for months can lead to major issues. Damaged shingles and roofing can allow moisture to seep into cracks which will cause larger problems including interior water damage. Let the Wisconsin home remodeling experts at Custom Creations inspect your roof this spring for winter damage and perform any needed repairs.

7.)    Milwaukee Excavation

Now is the time to let the New Berlin excavation experts at Simple Solutions Grading and Snowplowing, LLC. enhance your home. After the ground thaws, excavation can begin. We can excavate for your spring projects. Let Simple Solutions dig the whole for your new retaining walls, pool or basement addition.

8.)    New Berlin Kitchen Remodeling

As the weather warms and we wander outside our homes for the first time since October family and friends will be gathering together. Gatherings mean more people in your home, so now is the time expand and remodel your kitchen. Custom Creations will design a kitchen perfect for your home and family needs. We can install new floors, cabinets, counters, sinks, back splashes and more. Contact the Muskego kitchen remodeling general contractors at Custom Creations for a functional and beautiful new kitchen.

9.)    Brookfield Concrete General Contractor

Wisconsin winters mean weeks of below zero weather followed by a warm thawing day then back to zero. These weather fluctuations can lead to cracks and movement in concrete which will require maintenance. After the snow melts and the ice disappears inspect your concrete driveways, patios and walkways for damage. Repairing concrete damage immediately will save you from more costly expenses later as damage expands. Call the Muskego concrete experts at Simple Solutions Grading and Snowplowing, LLC. for concrete repairs and new concrete needs.

10.)     Muskego Pavers

Spring is the time to begin hardscaping projects at your home. Pavers are a beautiful building material for patios, walkways, retaining walls, fire pits and more. Simple Solutions Grading and Snowplowing, LLC. will install pavers in a number of different shapes, sizes and colors to fit your preferences. Contact the paver experts at Simple Solutions for your hardscape projects this spring.

Contact the Milwaukee general contractors at Simple Solutions Grading and Snowplowing, LLC. for exterior projects like concrete repairs, landscaping and paver work. Custom Creations is your one-stop-shop for interior and home projects such as deck work and kitchen remodels. We are your number one fully insured and licensed general contractor.