Milwaukee Concrete Contractors Offer Concrete Driveway Maintenance Advice


Milwaukee Concrete Construction Experts Provide Tips for a Long Lasting Driveway

At Simple Solutions, our Milwaukee concrete contractors provide expert installation and repair services for sidewalks, driveways, porches, base slabs and more. Our Milwaukee concrete construction experts build abiding relationships rather than just getting the job done. We want to keep all our clients informed on concrete maintenance to ensure long lasting construction. Our Milwaukee concrete contractors advise on the four best ways to secure the longevity of your new concrete driveway.

Begin Concrete Driveway Care Right Away

Care should begin the moment your concrete driveway is poured. It is important to allow proper curing time so the concrete sets correctly. Allow 3 days before you park a smaller car on your concrete driveway and allow 7 days before you park a larger truck or SUV. Use extra caution with ice and snow removal the first year when the concrete driveway is more susceptible to damage. Avoid digging near your concrete driveway to prevent shifting the landscape support.

Clean Your Concrete Driveway Often and Remove Stains As Soon As Possible

Always be sure to clean and remove concrete driveway stains immediately. If stains set in, they are extremely difficult to remove. Power washers are a safer alternative to damaging wire brushes and an excellent way to remove stains and harmful residue.

Seal Your Concrete Driveway Regularly 

Sealant should be applied frequently to protect your concrete driveway from the elements. Apply sealant 6 months after curing, and then once every 2 years. If your concrete driveway is heavily used, sealant should be applied more often. Seal your concrete driveway when it is cool and dry, and allow the sealant 24 hours to set in. For more information on sealant types and frequency, consult with our Milwaukee concrete construction experts.

Avoid Excess Weight on your Concrete Driveway and Repair Cracks Immediately

Concrete driveways can handle the weight of a normal car or truck, but a heavy duty moving van or extra-large truck puts unwarranted pressure on the concrete. Avoid excess weight to protect your concrete driveway from potential cracking or other damage. Use caution when plowing or shoveling, metal blades can damage the concrete surface. Remove snow and ice efficiently to hinder cracks, and avoid de-icing products which contain compromising ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate. If you notice cracking in your concrete driveway, repair the cracks right away to prevent the cracks from spreading. 

Milwaukee Concrete Construction Professionals Offer Superior Installation and Repair Services

Simple Solution’s Milwaukee Concrete Construction Experts keep you informed to ensure our concrete services provide lifelong value. We provide commercial and residential services for a wide variety of concrete installation and repairs. Our Milwaukee concrete contractors offer an individual design consultation before each installation service to ensure your new concrete development is perfect. With the highest quality service and the most superior workmanship in the area, Simple Solutions has the concrete contractors Milwaukee relies on. 

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